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"Trevor Guthrie makes large-format charcoal drawings that allude to familiar genres such as still life, landscape, portrait and figurative art. The materials play a role in Guthrie’s work - the medium of charcoal in particular. Not a fetishistic use of charcoal but a devotion and articulation of the medium unusual to charcoal’s history. We notice Guthrie’s handwork but his handwork never overtakes the subject of his works. We notice his deep velvet blacks and bright whites and his razor sharp use of light. After the Internet, artists thought of image making differently. The Apple Computer slogan “Think Different” was more prophesy than branding and Guthrie never backs away from the creation of politically charged images foregrounding tough themes. In fact Guthrie uses this Apple slogan in his drawing of US backed Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Guthrie’s use of Apple’s ad campaign in relation to the dark history of Pinochet’s rule sets off a conversation between consumer culture and mass murder – money, power and corruption being central themes in the modern world. Mysterious images such as Guthrie’s Wald Taxi conjure narratives the viewer is unable to solve, yet solves in their own way. The drawing is a nighttime scene on the edge of a forest, a faint glow over the trees. A taxi sits parked by the forest; headlights illuminate the tree line revealing the silhouette of two mysterious figures. Is this a harmless conversation, a sexual interaction or murder about to happen? We are thrown into this mini-drama and left to fend for ourselves in Guthrie’s environments and situations."


-Noah Becker