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Stefan drew and painted from an early age. Only when faced with the question of what to do in life did the then late-teenager take off to England, not finding any soil that felt right here, only to find the soil was the same over there. 

He came back and pledged to do better and he set off to Colorado State University after a stint working in a bronze foundry in Loveland, Colorado and Stefan graduated Magna Cum Laude. 


After graduating with his Masters in Printmaking, he took what he thought was interesting from his professors, including the spectacular and controversial Richard DeVore, the famous ceramicist. 

Following graduation and aid of a commission for seven life-sized bronze figures and fountains, Stef set up shop in Loveland, Colorado and set to work reading the great novels and painting, having never taken a painting class in his life. Three years later, Stef had his first show at Robischon Gallery in Denver, in their ‘Introductory Series’ instituted for their off-season schedule. Stefan had two more shows, was promptly voted best Representational Artist In Colorado by the Rocky Mountain News in 2005, and very shortly after a difficult period Stefan turned his attention to a need to write, and wrote a dozen or so scripts. 


Just as his involvement with theatre and film-festivals in Boulder grew, a PR guy, Ken Conte, then working for Gard Hollinger of LA County Chop Rods, said that Keanu Reeves was partnering with his boss, and they needed big paintings to go in the new workshop being prepared in Hawthorne, California. Stefan set to work on the playful and bombastic series “American Beauty” of which twelve large canvases hung.


But, the transfer was accomplished, and Stefan and his family, which now included a daughter; Sophie and his soon-to-be ex-wife Heather, all moved to LA, and they all live happily there now, in Studio City, where Stefan lives with his girlfriend Soli, and paints and writes, paints and writes, and loves the hell out of where he is.