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Born 1979 in Fukushima, Japan Miki Yokoyama's work is best summed up in her own words which carry a poetic aesthetic; an homage to the world that surrounds us as well as the worlds within:


"The world is full of shining lives

We are travelers who travel in this world


The world is an acervuline of shining lives

We all, human beings, animals and plants

Are all born and die

And it goes on and on forever


We all, I, you and they

Live this one moment in the blink of an eye

In the cycle of eternal

Of the wonder of existence


The wonder to live

The wonder of beauty of lives

The wonder of pricelessness of lives


Thankful of being kept alive by all

In the colossal universe

A feeling of awe to the universe


We all who were born from the infinity

Have also infinity in ourselves


The wonder of traveling in being exists

Sometimes we hurt

Sometimes we cheer

We hurt each other

But we still share the happiness and kindness

We all travel this world in chaos


The journeys continue forever

It’s infinity"