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Jasser MemBreno

With an incredible facility for drawing and painting; Jasser Membreno creates a moment; in worlds of his own devising. His work is figurative and fantastically; the landscapes, buildings and objects live simultaneously in the past present and future, of a world full of decay, mystery and invention. Within that scene, you will often find a figure; vaguely human, certainly emotional. His boundless imagination makes it inevitable that one medium can’t contain his prolific output, and takes him across many borders: his drawing and paintings extend their narrative qualities into actual prose and poems he writes, into writing and animating his own films and his sculpture works extend his vocabulary into the real world. The one-man and group shows of his work have made him a sought-out talent for commissions and cross-overs into the entertainment industry.

Since graduating from Cal Arts with a degree in Animation, and co-creating a company, CineNovel, he has worked professionally across many platforms, including feature films, music videos, commercials, video games, animated and live action shorts, developing apps and graphic design work.

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