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Gale Hart has always had a fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood since early childhood, partly inspired by hanging around her grandpa, who was a mechanic. This early fascination evolved into an intensely energetic 40-year career working as a self-taught artist. 


Hart works in a wide variety of ways, from creating giant paintings on canvas, casting concrete and bronze to fabricating highly polished stainless steel and aluminum sculptures. Her ideas often compel her to experiment with new processes and techniques. She is driven to create work that focuses on the political and social issues of contemporary life, including the hypocrisy and injustices of this country. Over the years, Hart has made work about animals rights, gun violence, the power of games and sports in shaping our culture, and the communication challenges of being in relationships. In dealing with subject matter that can seem so heavy, she likes to incorporate a bit of sarcasm or humor into each piece, often exaggerating the absurd. 

In addition to tending to her own artistic practice, she mentors other artists in the community by producing exhibitions in alternative spaces, establishing galleries that feature local artists’ work, and by always employing emerging artists. 

For the past five years, Gale Hart’s focus has been increasingly put towards making work for the public realm. In 2017, Hart completed a major work of art at the Golden One Sports and Entertainment Center and a smaller more intimate piece at the Memorial Auditorium Garage in downtown Sacramento.