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©2019 Disruptive Canvas   330 W. 11th Street Los Angeles, California 90015   +1 (323) 308.0936

Antonio Pauciulo’s recent painting practice evolves from the self-portrait as an ideal laboratory for exploring the primeval ape within the cultural myths inherited from collective history. His current research focuses on the potential for contemporary humans and their eventual transfiguration due to scientific upheavals.


For millennia Homo Sapiens have sought emancipation from biological boundaries, developing a kind of progressive artificialization. This journey includes both, cultural narratives (politics, religions, arts) shaping human societies, as well as the science that allows us to manipulate the ecosystem including life forms such as ourselves.


At present, the human species is approaching a turning point. Biotechnology combined with artificial intelligence push humans beyond their biological boundaries, challenging the very understanding of humankind. New biological life may well emerge from intelligent design of science. This paradigm-shift has potential to radically destabilize the belief systems, shaping what we believe as real.


In Pauciulo’s work, the act of painting is a performative process to recursively create and destroy the image, in order to allow for unforeseen image to accumulate within the painting. This event transfigures all the knowledge gathered over the course of the process. Antonio Pauciulo likes to call this kind of painting "artificial creature", since it allows for the emergence of new life-like forms at the intersection of animal and cultural understanding.