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©2019 Disruptive Canvas   330 W. 11th Street Los Angeles, California 90015   +1 (323) 308.0936

Andy Bauch’s dynamic artworks beckon viewers to question the ever-magnifying pull of the digital world on the physical. Inspired from studying digital video compression techniques, Bauch selected LEGO bricks, an eye-catching and familiar childhood hallmark, as his medium of choice to echo the pixelated nature of digitization. He utilizes computer algorithms and software assistance to create his mosaics, work that reflects the physical manifestation of the abstract threat of technological singularity.


Bauch’s artworks often refer to icons of pop culture and art history. By using cheerful plastic toys to explore darker, more complex subjects, he forces viewers to question artistic materiality and consider artwork outside of traditional norms. He is currently living and working in Los Angeles.